Stakeholder interview: Amar Hanspal, Senior Vice President at Autodesk

SH Amar Hanspal

Amar Hanspal has been Senior Vice President of Autodesk Product Group since 2015. He oversees the Autodesk’s core cloud platform (Autodesk 360) and the full range of Building Information Modelling products for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection®.

‘Digitalisation of the construction industry is an ongoing theme’

What is the most important catalyst for further digitalisation in construction?

‘Competitive advantage is the single most important catalyst for a construction company’s decision to go fully digital. Given the high revenue, high risk and low margin nature of the industry, every point of efficiency and quality gained by better connecting teams to the right information is significant. Digitalisation is proven to deliver better outcomes, but it’s really only the first step in the improvement of the entire project lifecycle from design to handover. The move to digital begins with Building Information Modelling (BIM). It is no longer is an option, but rather a requirement to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. Beyond that, extending BIM to the field through cloud-based collaboration solutions creates additional opportunities. Once construction teams become fully digital, the opportunities for increased profit margins and the reduction of risk become endless.’

How do we ensure digitalisation will continue to be a theme?

‘At a time when every industry, from transportation to retail to healthcare, is being redefined by technology, the digitalisation of the construction industry is an ongoing theme and doesn’t need much encouragement.’ 

What role does digitalisation and innovation play?

‘Innovation emerges from the exploration and connection of multiple ideas. We are only now starting to see the full potential of connectivity, infinite compute power and big data to generate insights alternatives. We are just scratching the surface of the difference that machine learning, artificial intelligence, generative design, robotics, 3D printing and new materials will bring to the world of construction.’